Live Scoring Kit

A turn-key solution for counting every rep, capturing every finish, and powering your broadcast with data-driven graphics.

A Premium Solution

Live Scoring Kit attracts premium sponsors who can write bigger checks and increases the overall monetization potential of your competition.

Equip your announcers, commentators, and analysts with the tools and data they need to tell better stories, delight spectators, and take the quality of your broadcast to the next level.

Live Scoring Kit product higlights include:

  • Powering your broadcast truck with data streams for custom graphics
  • Capturing every finish time with timing chips for every athlete
  • Counting every rep for every athlete in the competition
  • Managing the official clock on every field of play
  • Integrating seamlessly with our heats scheduler

Rogue Invitatinal 2022 Take your broadcast to the next level by capturing every rep and every finish time for every athlete!

Live Scoring Kit is a 100% custom solution that was built from the ground up for functional fitness, strength & conditioning, and exercise racing events. It has powered announcements for The CrossFit Open, The Rogue Invitational, The Arnold Strongman Classic, Wodapalooza, and large national & regional events like the Masters Fitness Championship.

Earn More Profit

One thing to keep in mind as you’re planning your event is that your sponsors can achieve significantly higher returns on investment with a premium broadcast, and you should be able to adjust your sponsorship packages accordingly.

Mayhem Classic Take your storytelling to the next level and delight spectators with Live Scoring Kit’s powerful APIs and data streams.

The most savvy event organizers increase the profit margin for their events by ensuring that fully committed sponsorship packages exceed the cost of Live Scoring Kit. Everyone wants to be a winner, and Live Scoring Kit delivers a triple win: you win, your sponors win, and your spectators win.


Pricing for Live Scoring Kit starts at $50,000.00 USD and is customized subject to the specific logistical needs of your event.

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If you're running an event and have an operational budget that supports live scoring, let's talk!