Registration & Scoring

Sign up athletes & spectators. Collect payments. Serve up leaderboards to the entire world.

Flexible Pricing

Choose the plan that works best for your event. We offer a variety of pricing options to fit your needs.

Starting at $0
Best for Small Events
Launch your competition with no upfront fees! (4% platform fees with a $2.50 minimum per transaction, plus credit card fees.)
Starting at $100
Best for Large Events
Pay a nominal upfront fee and save more on platform fees at the point of sale for larger events. (3.5% platform fee with a $2.50 minimum, plus credit card fees.)
Starting at $0
No Registration
If you already have registration covered and just need the scoring & leaderboards, we got you covered.


Our comprehensive registration & scoring system has everything you need to run a world-class competition. Thousands of event organizers from all around the world trust us to deliver the easy-to-use essentials that make it easy to collect payments, register athletes, manage heat schedules, serve up leaderboards, and more!

Landing Pages

Registration and scoring is the heart of any great fitness event, and our step-by-step setup process guides you through the steps of creating a landing page, signing up athletes & spectators, and collecting online payments. After you've created your landing page, just drive traffic by spreading the world through your social media accounts and email lists to begin earning revenue! Track progress and receive notifications in realtime after you've launched your event.

Landing Pages Image Just plug in some key information and drive traffic to your competition's optimized landing page that features your registration, scheduling, and leaderboards.

Registration & Payment Processing

Like many other modern platforms, we integrate with Stripe so that you can securely collect payments from your participants quickly, easily, and securely. All of your funds are processed through your own Stripe account and are automatically transferred to your bank account. You never need to share any of that sensitive information with us, and your payouts can occur as often as early 24 hours.

Registration & Payment Processing Image Track progress, receive notifications when participants sign up, and sell out fast!

Heats Scheduling

Creating and maintaining a schedule for your competition is not a trivial undertaking -- so we built you a 100% bespoke heats scheduling tool that makes short work of tedious work in spreadsheets. Let the good times roll with reseeding from the laderboard, support for multiple fields of play, printable heat sheets, and more!

Heats Scheduling Image Generate heats, reseed from the leaderboard, and print heat sheets for your event staff.

Scoring & Leaderboards

Create your workouts, set your scoring policies, and key in your scores. The scoring system takes care of crunching the numbers and doing the math. Whether you're running an online qualifier, a Saturday morning throwdown at your gym, or a large regional competition involving hundreds (or even thousands!) of participants, our robust scoring system has seen it all -- and our leaderboards have powered some of the most prestigious events in the world like The Rogue Invitational and The Arnold Strongman Classic (multiple years running!)

Scoring & Leaderboards Image Bomb-proof leaderboards that delight athletes & spectators -- and memorialize your competition.

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Our registration & scoring plaform is 100% risk-free to try. you'll understand why thousands of event organizers around the world trust us as their go-to event management solution.